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Poverty Is a State of Mind

When people find out that I have visited Mexico, they almost invariably respond with some comment about the realization such a trip brings as to how much we are blessed in this country, seeing the poverty of many south of the river. However, as grateful as I am for the worldly goods I have here in Texas, I have a different opinion concerning those who are termed as “poor” among the people of Mexico.

True, they may not have running water. True, they may not be able to afford to own a vehicle or a computer. They may struggle to make ends meet to feed a large family. But does this make them poor? Our grandparents probably lived thus, but were they poor? I humbly suggest that poverty lies not in the wealth or number of goods that one possesses, but instead is an attitude, a way of thinking. I am not saying that there are not poor people in Mexico, but I was able to enter some very humble abodes down in San Luis Potosí, dirt-floored homes made of sticks and thatch, and I am here to tell you that these people are just as industrious as many hard workers around here.

I believe the amount of things a man owns largely depends on where he lives. In this country we have a very favourable environment for building wealth, given that money is managed in a proper way to facilitate this. On the other hand, folks down in Mexico do not enjoy the same work/money ratio that we have here. Read More

The "Big Bang"

Going back before evolution started, evolutionists have a theory about how the entire universe expanded. It does not, however, tell us how it began. This theory is called the “Big Bang.”

What was there before the Bang?

The Big Bang cannot explain the origin of the universe. It only explains how a very small universe exploded into the huge universe we see today. It does not tell us where the small universe came from!

Why not a black hole instead?

With the “cosmic egg” compressed as it would be according to the Big Bang theory, it would have probably produced a black hole, not a very big universe. Why didn’t the ylem turn into a black hole?
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In Memory of Uncle Preston Lewallen

The hand of Providence having removed a friend of mine from the scenes of his temporal labors, and his friends and neighbors who profited by his examples being desirous of testifying their regards for his memory and expressing their earnest and affectionate sympathy with the broken household that survives him, we therefore tenderly condole with them in their bereavement and devoutly commend them to Him who looks with pity and compassion upon the widow and the fatherless.

“Uncle Press,” as everyone called him, was born in Jackson county, Alabama, January 13th, 1832. He spent his boyhood on the farm with the family until he reached manhood, when he married and began to cultivate and cherish the universal desire of humanity to make his imprint upon the world. But it seemed that Providence had willed a cruel and desolating war, and Alabama’s sons were to play their hand in the tragedy. Read More

Aiken Drum

On the moon there is a man;
Drum they call his name.
Though he’s from no worldly land,
On earth he has his fame.

Look into the skies at night;
Search the lunar face.
Gaze upon his features bright;
You’ve seen the man in space!

Some say he does not exist,
Many are in doubt.
You and I though, we’ll insist
Old Aiken’s still got clout.