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Sean agus Nua

Yes, I have been busy lately, too busy, in fact, to blog.  However, now that I’m taking a week off for Thanksgiving, I thought I’d just post to let those likely nonexistent loyal readers know that I am still alive and kicking.  Then I remembered that I hadn’t made a formal announcement to the world about the album of music that I was frantically working to finish before college.  The last track (plucked psaltery, by the way) was recorded a day or so before I left, and CD’s have been made as well. So here it is, everyone! Sean agus Nua’s début album is officially released!

I do not expect this music to be wildly popular.  In fact the style itself–a simple, quiet, folkish sound for the most part–is just not what most people listen to nowdays.  But we sure had fun putting it together, and I hope you’ll at least give it a listen.

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