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The Work of the Maker

As from afar I gaze upon
The forest’s beauty, and then beyond,
With eyes of awe I soon can see
The leaves and boughs of every tree.

A close inspection now is meet,
So I, now stooping, near my feet
Behold the vein茅d grass’s leaves
And tiny ants as small as fleas.

I hear a rustling in the grass–
And see a shining beetle pass.
What wondrous things I see and hear:
A bird’s song falling to my ear.

Though some may scoff and others laugh
And deem our pious faith but chaff,
Here is the answer all have sought:
What wondrous things that God hath wrought!

Nature’s splendor thrills me so,
To see the nimble spider go,
To watch the vulture in the breeze;
There is design behind all these.
And that ’tis true, I surely know
For God in His Word tells me so.

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