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Hymn of the Week – O the Things We May Do

Poetry by Lizzie DeArmond (1916)
Music by James M. Hagan (1916)

Have you lifted a stone from your brother’s way,
As he struggled along life’s road?
Have you lovingly touched some frail, toil-worn hand,
Shared with someone his heavy load?

O the things we may do, you and I, you and I;
O the love we can give if we try!
Just a word or a song as we’re passing along,
They will count in the great by and by.

Have you spoken a word full of hope and cheer?
Have you walked with a slower pace,
Till the weary of heart who were stumbling on,
Took new courage to run the race?

Have you held up your light through the shadows dark,
So that somebody else might see?
Have you lived with the Christ through the long, long day,
Gaining many a victory?

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