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You too can be debt free

A while back, that is to say, about a year or two ago, my parents began listening to this guy on the radio called Dave Ramsey.聽 Although he may not be as well known as Sean Hannity, his broadcasts focus on individual people instead of politics.聽 If you tune into his radio show on any given day, you may be priviledged to hear several families call in to tell their success stories: how much debt they paid off, and how long it took them; and then they will scream I’M DEBT FREE!

Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Dave Ramsey fanatic.聽 But I am very much appreciative of the work that he does every day to (1) convince people that they have financial problems, and (2) tell them how they can change their lifestyle in order to attain that high and lofty goal of financial peace.

Personally, I’ve always held as my motto “Don’t buy something unless you have money to pay for it,” long before I ever heard of Dave Ramsey, and I’m confident that if I stick to this throughout my life I will be able to avoid the financial problems that many Americans have fallen into.

So now I ask you:聽 Do you owe any money?聽 If so, time to pay it back!聽 “The borrower is slave聽to the lender” saith the Psalmist, so if you are in debt, you’d best begin filling in the hole instead of digging it deeper.聽 You may think this an insurmountable task, but it isn’t.聽 Just ask the people who have followed Dave Ramsey’s path to freedom!聽 Yes, it is easier for me to say, since I haven’t experienced the burden of debt, but I do advise you to avoid it like the plague.聽 Dare to be debt free!

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