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Abbotts Bridge and Bicycle Adventures

Chattahoochee River – Abbotts Bridge photos on Flickr

I checked the temperature outside: 35掳 C (95掳 F). That’s pretty hot, but not hot enough to deter me from the evening’s adventures I had planned. My philosophy is that time spent outdoors is never wasted, and while high temperatures keep most people indoors, as long as I’m either moving or in the shade, I don’t mind the heat at all.

So I went, and I rue it not a bit. First I rode my bicycle to the library, and was very pleased to discover that there was sidewalk all the way (I prefer the safety of the sidewalk as long as there’s no people in the way). Also, the way was almost scenic. A portion of my route took me along Main Street, and while it may have been busier back in the day, now that there’s a highway that runs parallel to it, it’s almost like a peaceful country road. I didn’t stay long at the library, only to grab a Korean dictionary that I had requested. My next stop was a unit of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. The river flows around the town, and this park has a nice little trail that I enjoy very much when I go. I took some pictures, which you can view above. After that I went home, not at all overheated, and much exhilarated from my biking adventure. I should definitely do this more often!

In other news, God is great, and so is life! I got to preach Sunday morning; it was very well received and I hope there was lots of learning going on. Work is going fabulously, and I’m glad to say that I love my work! There’s some exciting things going on at Truth For The World, and I’ll keep you posted on here as those things shape up.

This weekend I’m headed to Tennessee for some friends’ wedding, and while I’m not a big fan of weddings, at least there’s usually cake. Actually, these are really great friends, and I’m so happy for them. Plus, I’m actually in their wedding, which is a first for me! ‘Tis an honour, to be sure, but besides that I’m not sure what I think about it.

隆Sigamos adelante!

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