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To the Savior

From Ailenroc鈥檚 Book, by Cornelia Alexander

Note from the blogger: I set this poem to music several years ago, but am still fiddling with the harmony. I’ll probably share it here on Ziphen Central once it’s done.

When earth smiles in gladness, in fullness, and beauty,
And hope steers our vessels across the blue sea,
We are prone to forget that we owe our first duty
To thee, our Savior, to thee.

When friends are around us, our hearts throb with pleasure;
We make the air vocal with laughter and glee,
Forgetting above we should lay up our treasure
With thee, our Savior, with thee.

But鈥擮!鈥攚hen clouds rise and loud rolls the deep thunder,
And our vessels are shattered on treacherous sea,
Then we turn, with our sad hearts all riven asunder,
To thee, our Savior, to thee,

Because thy dear face has been oft wet with weeping;
Because thou hast said, 鈥淐ome, ye weary, to me;鈥
Because we are watched, whether walking or sleeping,
By thee, our Savior, by thee.

Thou knowest our trials, our every affliction;
Thine ear can be reached by the lowliest plea,
And our sad hearts are soothed by a sweet benediction
From thee, our Savior, from thee.

2 thoughts to “To the Savior”

  1. My great-great-great grandmother, Sarah Cornelia Smith Alexander wrote this book :) My family has been searching for a copy of it, so great to be able to read excerpts here, thank you :)

  2. That’s really cool! I hope you’re able to find a copy. In the meantime, I’ll try to post some more content from the book.

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