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Verses Upon the Immersion of a Penitent Sinner

Praise to the Father, and praise to the Son!
What wonderful things we behold!
A wandering soul has returned to its God,
Deciding to leave that great path which is broad:
See the new life that鈥檚 begun!

No longer to wander in darkness and sin,
You know that this Jesus is Christ.
Your physical body is buried and raised,
The spiritual body is left in the grave,
A new one is now lifted up.

Joy now pervades me; it seems I can hear
The rejoicing of heavenly ones.
What wondrous salvation our Jesus provides!
He鈥檒l keep you in safety from terrible tides;
He鈥檚 faithful if you will stay near.

I鈥檓 praying for you as you live this new life;
I know you will struggle and fight.
The race is not easy, but Christ helps us through,
As long as you seek Him, He always is new.
Stay close through the trouble and strife!

In happy times, too, you must always keep guard,
Give God all the glory for bliss.
It鈥檚 He who has given you strength for the day,
Give Him all the credit, don鈥檛 throw it away.
The easy can prove to be hard.

Whatever you do as you walk this new road,
I hope you remember one thing:
Don鈥檛 keep to yourself the wonderful news,
Take every chance to tell others these truths!
The Lord will increase what you sowed.

God only knows if I鈥檒l see you again;
Most likely I won鈥檛 in this life.
But I know for a fact that I鈥檒l see you at home,
In that place where our weary feet never will roam:
Be faithful and true until then!

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