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Hymn of the Week – Peace, Perfect Peace

Poetry by Ed颅ward Bick颅er颅steth, Jr. (1875)
Music by George Cald颅beck and Charles Vin颅cent (1876)

Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin?
The blood of Jesus whispers peace within.

Peace, perfect peace, by thronging duties pressed?
To do the will of Jesus, this is rest.

Peace, perfect peace, with sorrows surging round?
On Jesus鈥 bosom naught but calm is found.

Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away?
In Jesus鈥 keeping we are safe, and they.

Peace, perfect peace, our future all unknown?
Jesus we know, and He is on the throne.

Peace, perfect peace, death shadowing us and ours?
Jesus has vanquished death and all its powers.

It is enough: earth鈥檚 struggles soon shall cease,
And Jesus call us to Heaven鈥檚 perfect peace.

Peace, perfect peace, 鈥檓id suffering鈥檚 sharpest throes?
The sympathy of Jesus breathes repose.

Cyber Hymnal entry

Today you get two for the price of one. Some time back I translated this song into Latin (and I say translated in quite a loose way, since translating a song involves taking many liberties). The tune is called “Pax Tecum,” but to my knowledge no Latin version of the hymn has existed until now.

Pax tecum, ambula cum Domino,
Et ipse diriget gressus tuos.

Pax vobiscum perfecta Domini,
In sanguine Jesu purgamini.

Satis erat, transibimus brevi,
Ita quales oportet nos esse?

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