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Signs of Mexico

While travelling in Mexico, I discovered an amusing pastime of watching roadsigns and taking pictures of them. From what I gather it seems that in the past they’ve had trouble with someone abducting the signs; what do you think?

No Destruya Las Señales “No Destruya las Señales,” that is, “Don’t Destroy the Signs.”

Obedezca las Señales “Obedezca las Señales,” which means “Obey the Signs.”

Cinturones de Seguridad son ObligatoriosYes, you have to wear your seatbelt, even in Mexico! (In fact I would recommend it, seeing how some people drive down there.)

No Maltrate las Señales “No Maltrate las Señales.” In case you didn’t see the previous signs about signs, this one’s telling you not to mistreat the signs.

Principia del Estado de San Luis Potosí Finally, the state line! I was expecting more of a welcome upon entering San Luis Potosí, but this was all there was. At least I got a picture of it!

Limite de Velocidad A speed limit sign (no, that’s kilometers per hour, not miles!)

¡Feliz Viaje! Have a nice trip!

2 thoughts to “Signs of Mexico”

  1. Between Torreón and Monterrey there are 2 other very interesting signs:

    No deje piedras en el pavimiento. (I always want to stop the car and look for rocks to leave on the pavement just for fun — but I TRY to be good)

    and Zona de Tolvaneras. (Dust devil area)

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