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Journey's End

I have returned home after spending two weeks at a Christian camp in the mountains of New Mexico. And to celebrate my arrival home, here is a favorite song of mine by Clannad, from their album “Macalla“:

Another good end-of-the-journey song is “Back Home,” written by Kindra Ankney and performed by Bobby Horton. It is from the album “Lewis & Clark: Songs of the Journey,” a set of songs about the Lewis & Clark expedition. It is very good music, and educational as well! Here are the lyrics for “Back Home”:

The end of the journey!
They’d been gone so long
Folks back home were thinking surely something had gone wrong.
Missouri River traders called them men returned from graves,
For rumors were that they’d been killed
Or taken in as slaves.

Though many U.S. folks had given up on their return,
There was one who still had hope: Mr. Jefferson.
His dream had surely been fulfilled—
The wealth of knowledge gained
Was all that he had hoped for
And soon would be explained.

All St. Louis greeted them when they arrived in town;
The corps presented their salute by firing off three rounds.
Celebrations welcomed them,
Newspapers spread their name,
Towns of happy citizens
Declared the corps’s fame.

The journey was now ended,
The story just begun,
There’d be changes to our land because of what they’d done.
The captains and their party
Rejoiced to be back home—
The adventure was over,
But the tale had just begun.

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