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Sheet Music – Fifth of November

Download sheet musicFor piano and bowed psaltery

Guy_FawkesContinuing with my music transcription project, I now present you with the second piece of music I wrote, which I came up with while playing around on a cheap borrowed keyboard in the attic of our shop in October of 2006. I decided to name the minor tune “Fifth of November” because Guy Fawkes Day was right around the corner, a holiday celebrated in many English-speaking countries (yet not in mine, perhaps because of the anti-loyalist sympathies that were going around during the revolution).

For those of you who are knowledgeable in the ways of music, please do not scrutinize this piece too carefully. I know much more about music now than I did then, and consequently I now see the unintentional dissonance between the bowed psaltery and the piano in places. But the piece sounds decent, and you may hear a recording of it on another post of mine.

Hope you like it!

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