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Hymn of the Week – Todavรญa, Seรฑor

Music and lyrics by Robert Brown
Free MP3 recording by Antonio Shappley (more such recordings may be had from

Todavรญa, Seรฑor, hay un gran conflicto en mรญ,
Entre lados opuestos de mi ser:
Hay un “yo” egoรญsta que no se rinde a ti,
Y otro “yo” que te quiere obedecer.

Todavรญa, Seรฑor, no soy lo que debo ser;
Tรบ mereces de mi vida lo mejor;
Pero gracias a ti, que por tu poder y amor,
Ya no soy lo que era, Seรฑor.

You may have noticed that this week’s hymn is in Spanish. This is because I am leaving this week to go to a Bible lectureship in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and I thought I would share one of my favourite hymns in Spanish. For those who can’t read Spanish, here’s a translation:

Lord, there is still a great conflict within me,
Between opposite sides of my being:
There’s a selfish “me” that doesn’t submit itself to You,
And another “me” that wants to obey You.

Lord, I’m still not what I should be;
You deserve the best of my life;
But thanks to You, because of Your power and love,
I’m not what I used to be, Lord.

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