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¡Hasta luego!

Tomorrow, muy de mañana, I am going on a week-long trip to the state of San Luis Potosí in Mexico. This explains why I am blogging on thursday today, and I will be back in time to blog next friday.

Of all the foreign countries I’ve visited, Mexico is my favourite (although I’ve never been outside North America), and I’m really looking forward to travelling farther south than I’ve ever been. Not only will I be able to improve my Spanish, Lord willing, but I also hope to meet some people down there who still speak the old Indian languages (talk about Precolumbian!)

I plan to take plenty of pictures, and hopefully I’ll get some blogging material as well. ¡Adiós!

Mountain Lion

Silently bounding—
A great cat in the forest;
The puma passes.

This is the one and only haiku I have ever written. It’s not my favourite type of poetry, but I must admit it’s better than free verse. In my humble opinion, haiku is more suited to the Japanese language than to English.

Ain't got a homepage

…at least not until now! Although I’ve made quite a few websites for myself and for others, and even though I’ve had the domain name for quite a while, I have just recently gotten around to making a central website to be a hub for all my other ones.

So, if you’d like to, please check it out! It was lots of work making the design for this website, but I finally got it looking like I wanted it to. It’s even trilingual, so hopefully more people will find it that way.

An update:  I recently purchased the domain name (whoever had it before finally let it go), so I am in the process of switching everything to this domain. will still work, but I’ll be phasing it out, so go ahead and change your bookmark if necessary.

Proceed With Caution

An essay on the proposed merger between Hudson Oaks and the Annettas

Things are changing rapidly in east Parker County. Of these changes, growth is probably the most significant, as it has triggered many other changes. Growth is inevitable, and as our area continues to grow in population, special care must be taken that good decisions are made, and when various issues arise they must be handled properly and in a way that would be of most benefit to the people.

The Annetta Community was first settled in the late nineteenth century, and through the industry and perseverance of its people, it has endured to the present time. Long before the community was incorporated, it had a school, a general store, a post office, a cemetery, and three church buildings. Although in past decades the population of the community declined, it was incorporated as the three Annettas in 1979, and soon thereafter, if not before, the population of not only Annetta but also the surrounding area began experiencing rapid growth, which we are still witnessing.

The city of Hudson Oaks, to the north of the Annettas, was incorporated in the late 1970’s, and has also experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Probably due to its location along Fort Worth Highway and Interstate 20, many more businesses are located in Hudson Oaks than in the Annettas, and consequently it has much more of a “big city” atmosphere about it.
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Fiery Searcher

Fiery Searcher

I identified this shiny green beetle as a Fiery Searcher (Calosoma scrutator). I freed it from the bucket that it was in earlier in the week, but just yesterday I found it again (or another just like it) in the same bucket!

Mini waterfall

This is a (usually) dry creekbed near our house, and last week we had enough rain that it started flowing!