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¡Hasta luego!

Tomorrow, muy de mañana, I am going on a week-long trip to the state of San Luis Potosí in Mexico. This explains why I am blogging on thursday today, and I will be back in time to blog next friday.

Of all the foreign countries I’ve visited, Mexico is my favourite (although I’ve never been outside North America), and I’m really looking forward to travelling farther south than I’ve ever been. Not only will I be able to improve my Spanish, Lord willing, but I also hope to meet some people down there who still speak the old Indian languages (talk about Precolumbian!)

I plan to take plenty of pictures, and hopefully I’ll get some blogging material as well. ¡Adiós!

Ain't got a homepage

…at least not until now! Although I’ve made quite a few websites for myself and for others, and even though I’ve had the domain name for quite a while, I have just recently gotten around to making a central website to be a hub for all my other ones.

So, if you’d like to, please check it out! It was lots of work making the design for this website, but I finally got it looking like I wanted it to. It’s even trilingual, so hopefully more people will find it that way.

An update:  I recently purchased the domain name (whoever had it before finally let it go), so I am in the process of switching everything to this domain. will still work, but I’ll be phasing it out, so go ahead and change your bookmark if necessary.

Welcome to Ziphen Central

In an effort to tidy up my web presence a bit, I have decided to take the most drastic step of getting rid of Blogger and switching to WordPress. Nothing against Google, it’s just that I was tired of the boring template and all the formatting trouble it was giving me.

Having said that, I now officially welcome you to my new weblog, christened Ziphen Central. The history behind the name “Ziphen” goes back to my early years in homeschool, when I did a certain assignment which required me to create a menu for a fictional restaurant (a very interesting activity, to be sure). Being the creative person that I am, I couldn’t settle for just an ordinary name, so I came up with the imaginative name Ziphen’s Restaurant. A few years later, I liked the name so much that I gave it to my room, which was, for a time, the capital of the Republic of Niwic. Because I still like the name, and because it is the name of a very special place, I cannot think of a better name for my blog.

In closing, I hope you will continue reading my blog, though it is now in a different location, and please update your bookmark if necessary. I hope to someday make my own theme for this blog, but a Marscape will have to do for now. And, if you ever want to go back and look at BenjaBlog, it will still be there for those who want to search the archives.