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Sunset Dreams

Although I am not really in a position to judge this, it seems to me that there has been a trend in modern music to have vague lyrics. On more than one occasion my friends and I have discussed the lyrics of certain Josh Groban songs in which meaning is particularly elusive, and I have often wondered why the lyricists have done this to us. Is it as my sister has hypothesized, that in this way you can decide for yourself what the song means? I’m still clueless, but nevertheless I still grasp for meaning in some of these songs.

Just recently I got a tape of a certain Irish band called Clannad (they’re kinfolk of Enya, so I hear), and I ended up digitizing about half of the songs, the rest sounding too much like pop for my liking. I do enjoy the songs they sing in Irish Gaelic (which I can’t understand anyway), but there is one song called “Sunset Dreams” that sounds really cool. The only problem: I can’t figure out what it means! Here, you give it a shot: Read More