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The Shamrock Soil No More

I am now situated at college in Tennessee, and my classes began today. I am very excited about the things I’ll be able to study and participate in, but all the same, my thoughts turned to my native land when I was listening to this song today. Not that I will never again see Texas, but it will be a while and I shall miss it greatly.

Oh while I live I’ll never forget the troubles of that day
When bound into a foreign land our ship got underway
my friends I left in Belfast town, my love in Carrickshore
and I gave to poor old Ireland my blessings o’er and o’er.

Oh well I knew as off to sail what my hard fate would be
for gazing on my country’s hills they seemed to fly from me
I watched them as we sailed away until my eyes grew sore.
And I felt that I was doomed to walk the Shamrock soil no more.

Oh where, oh where’s that careless heart I once could call my own?
It bid a long farewell to me the day I left Tyrone.
I wonder will I return again to my love, my dearest friends.
No pleasure my old absent home can bring to me again.

This song is found on the album Norland Wind by Thomas Loefke. Kerstin Blodig sings on this particular track.

From amid the chaos

OK, perhaps my life is not so chaotic as that.  But I have to give some excuse for my inactivity in the blogosphere.  You see, I have only a few (!) weeks until I’ll be headed off in pursuit of a higher education, and preparing for that (as well as finishing things up around here) has been eating my time.  So, while I may not be able to fulfill my promise of a weekly blog post at the moment, hopefully I will resume when I get into a routine.

¡Hasta pronto!