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They say you can find anything on the Internet, and that’s almost true–until it comes to obscure Native American languages spoken in Mexico.

Today I am giving you a short wordlist of the Huastec language, something that I have not been able to find even among websites in Spanish. Thus, this post seems to be the first ever of its kind, and I hope it is of use to whoever happens to find it, whether through the marvels of search engines, or otherwise.

  • kaknamal – thank you
  • kamap – teeth
  • tumรญn – money
  • bakan – tortilla
  • xikach – girl
  • Dios tilabli – God bless you
  • atรกtal – brother in Christ
  • ha’ – water
  • nรฉnek – Hello, how are you?
  • Tรฉnek – Huastec
  • wana tukapu’ – let’s eat
  • xi’รญn – hair
  • wits – flower
  • uxkwe – wife

Many thanks to Virginia Lรกzaro and her husband Manuel, as well as Federico Reyes and Josรฉ Hernรกndez Fรฉlix for providing me with these words. I admire all of these people for their zeal in spreading the Gospel and also for their wish to pass on their ancestral language. Read More