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What Is My Life Like?

From Ailenroc鈥檚 Book, by Cornelia Alexander

What is my life like? Some murky river
Swept by wild winds upon its way,
Where willows weep and shrinking aspens quiver
And poisonous vapors cloud the sunny day.

Upon the green banks lie in beauty sleeping
Full many a golden dream, too bright to last;
But, ah! the rapid river, onward sweeping,
Leaves them among the treasures of the past.

Sometimes the sky is blue and birds are singing,
And winds float laden with the breath of flowers,
While in the distance, clearly ringing,
Joy bells are telling out the happy hours.

Again dim clouds come rolling o鈥檈r me,
Casting their shadows on my weary soul,
While dim and darker grows the way before me,
Where vivid lightnings flash and thunders roll.

Then is my life most like a river, rushing
In fierce, impetuous haste its course along,
While the wild rain in bitter tears comes gushing,
Swelling its bosom with a sense of wrong鈥

Wrong, that so oft across the sky come sailing
Dark clouds to hide from me the genial sun;
Wrong, that the breeze should change to wailing;
Wrong, that my hopes should ne鈥檈r be won.

Yet in my darkest hours a voice comes stealing
From my soul鈥檚 chamber: 鈥淟et His will be done.鈥
Then sweet and low the Sabbath bells are pealing,
And shines again the glorious sun.

The end will come full soon. This restless river
Will some day reach the grand and mighty sea;
This heaving, troubled heart will rest forever
In the still waters of eternity.

One thought to “What Is My Life Like?”

  1. Good one. I’m thinking that I no longer wish to leave any golden dreams behind on the banks to become past treasures. Maybe it’s a symptom of aging, but I’m pulling dreams close lately, so close that they cannot help but go sweeping along with me, a part of my heart. That’s what my Kiowa pursuit has become, and so much a part of me that it is having the effect of directing the river’s course.
    I hope that for you, that your most golden dreams will not be left behind, slipping out of your grasp as the river rushes on. Hold tightly to them. But, it sounds like you are already pursuing them with gusto!

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