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Bedtime Hour

From Ailenroc鈥檚 Book, by Cornelia Alexander

鈥楾is the children鈥檚 bedtime hour;
They are murmuring sleepy prayers,
While my thoughts go straying backward
Down the path of the vanished years;
And, evolved from their misty shadows,
One face and form I see:
A dear little boy, with serious look,
Saying his prayers at my knee.

With brown hands closely folded
And dark head bended low,
I hear again the murmur
That the childish lips o鈥檈rflow.
鈥淟ead me not into any temptation,
From all evil deliver me,鈥
Was the nightly prayer of the little boy
Who said his prayers at my knee.

Ah me! with an aching heart beat,
I think how the years have flown
Since that time, and my firstborn
From his mother鈥檚 home is gone;
And to-night I pray: 鈥溾極ur Father,鈥
Wherever he may be,
Make him again the good little boy
Who said his prayers at my knee.鈥

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