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Complete Defenestration

Goodbye, Bill Gates.聽 I am proud to say that my Dell laptop is now free of everything Windows and Microsoft–besides the little Windows XP sticker next to my mousepad (which is nearly gone anyway).聽 That’s right–I have now switched to Ubuntu, a popular Linux distribution.聽 So why did I get rid of Windows, you ask?聽 Well, I had become fed up with my print spooler which I must disable everytime I boot up my computer, and in general I was ready for something new.

So far, I have had fairly good success with Ubuntu.聽 It took me a while to figure out how to connect to the Internet, but now I’m up and going.聽 There are a few other things to iron out, but I have high hopes.聽 As I continue my adventures with Linux, I will periodically post here to say how it’s going.

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