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Embarking on a New Adventure

It was almost unreal. The semester ended as usual: finishing finals and preparing papers, packing up my possessions. But the weird thing was that this time was the last. I found myself surrounded by friends congratulating and blessing me, and the next thing I knew was that I had donned a polyester gown and an indescribable hat, and was shaking the university president’s hand as he handed me a soon-not-to-be empty folder. Four years of formation had come and had gone, opportunities had been both lost and found, and all those moments were now frozen in immutable past.

But, as usual, there is still a future鈥攖hat is to say, I must plan for one, since the possibility of its coming exists. And as I said goodbye to my native homeland in the rear-view mirror, it really hit me how much life is changing. I am now almost 700 miles away from the place I call home, beginning my first full-time job. I am living with a Christian family, and trying to accept their hospitality whilst not burdening them or being in the way. And while I have some friends here, I am faced with the daunting prospect of forming new relationships and getting to know the people here.

I still remember when I first went to college. I was young and unsure, with few pre-made friends, and it took me all of the first semester before I felt comfortable and “at home” (though I wouldn’t have admitted the latter). Now I am still young and unsure, again with few pre-made friends, and I do not expect to fit in immediately. I have been here all of three days, after all! But even though I be slightly discombobulated by a new routine, I feel an overwhelming sense of God’s love and providence in my life. It’s to do the Lord’s work that I moved here, and even though I don’t know the people here very well yet, they have been so hospitable and loving to me. It is such a blessing to have Christian family in this far-off place (especially in the workplace), and I suspect I will settle in much more rapidly than I did last time I was in this position. It’s a new adventure, to be sure!

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