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Singings Among Churches of Christ

SongbooksIf you have researched the Sacred Harp tradition of hymn singing, you will know that the primary vehicle for this tradition is not a Sunday worship service, but periodic singings held in different locations.聽 These Sacred Harp singings are held across the country, and information about them may be found in an online directory.

The churches of Christ in the United States also have a tradition of singings, and it occurred to me recently that there is no comprehensive directory of all the annual singings held at various congregations.聽 So I decided to make one myself.聽 Below is a list I compiled from a cursory Google search, but to expand it I am asking you, the reader, to inform me of any others that I could add.





So, if you know of any other periodic singings that I could add to this list, please let me know!聽 And if you know someone who you think may know of some others, please ask.聽 I’m hoping to make this list as comprehensive as possible.

One thought to “Singings Among Churches of Christ”

  1. My wife and I worshipped with the Waldorf Church of Christ in Maryland before our last move. They host an all-night singing each year (usually in October).

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