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We now interrupt our regular programming to bring you this important message.

I’ve taken the ACT twice now: once last fall and then again earlier this month. The first time I got a score of 30, and today I got my second score in the mail. And it is… 31!

So what does this mean? Well, the ACT scoring system is a scale from 1 to 36, and 31 is quite an excellent score, if I say so myself. So again you may ask: What does this mean? Why is this so exciting? Well, it means that I would be able to get a free tuition scholarship at either one of the two colleges I am currently considering—pretty nifty.

So anyway, you know what I’ll be doing this summer: Scholarship essays! Free tuition is great, but room and board are pretty pricey at college these days as well.

Now, back to Mexico!

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