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The Watchers

From Ailenroc’s Book, by Cornelia Alexander

(Ps 33: 7.)

While wrapped in slumbers of the night,
Mine eyes beheld a vision.
A group of white-robed angels came
Floating from fields elysian:
And as I marveled at the sight,
With wonder past the telling,
They circled, in a shining band,
Around a lowly dwelling.

O, never princes of the earth
Had guard so high and holy
As that which moved with noiseless wing
Around the cot so lowly,
Unwearied, through the long, dark hours
Their silent vigil keeping,
While sire and son, mother and maid,
Lay gently, sweetly sleeping!

O, heart bowed down with grief and woe,
Crushed by the cold world鈥檚 scorning,
Have patience through the dreary night,
Wait for the glorious morning!
For through thy dark and lonely hours,
Shining with rays supernal,
God鈥檚 angels watch thy dwelling round
With love pure and eternal.

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