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Now that's cheesy

Sometimes I wonder about the people who design food packaging. It seems that lately the folks at Frito Lay have gone a bit too far with their Cheetos bags. I could just tell you how utterly cheesy I think it is, but I shall let you judge for yourself; the text from the back of a Cheetos bag has been faithfully reproduced below for your perusal:

What’s a serving?

With Cheetos Brand crunchy snacks, eat 21 – that’s just the right amount for crazy, cheesy fun!

What more can YOU do with 21 Cheetos snacks?

Break them each in half and you have 42. If you eat half of the halves, you are back to 21.

Honestly, who in the world will meticulously count out 21 Cheetos just so they can eat one serving? Who even cares that the serving size is 1 ounce or about 21 Cheetos? Of those who actually do take pains to eat exactly one serving, how many would break all their Cheetos in half just so they could have twice as many?

Maybe they were just trying to be funny, or maybe even intentionally cheesy, but it makes for a very strange and ridiculous Cheeto bag. Come on, Chester! You can do better than that. Even the hoax about the secret recipe being stolen was more interesting than this.

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