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Did dinosaurs really exist? How did they become extinct? How long ago did they live? Did people ever see dinosaurs? Were there dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?

These and many more questions are asked about these gigantic reptiles of the past. It is fascinating to go to museums and see huge dinosaur skeletons and footprints, but unfortunately most of the museums will tell you about how dinosaurs evolved millions of years ago, and of the many theories of how they died out. They’ll also tell you that dinosaurs died out many years before people ever evolved. Read the following questions and find out the true story of dinosaurs. Read More

Should Christians Be Green?

In recent times there has been an increasing call from the scientific community for earth鈥檚 population to live more responsibly, with more sensitivity towards our environment. We hear such news all the time鈥攁lways there is some new piece of information confirming global warming, some species teetering on the brink of extermination, or some government enacting new legislation to try to turn the tide. It may be disputed whether these alarms are based on factual evidence, but this is not the matter to be addressed here. These may not be legitimate concerns, but even if they are, how must we as Christians respond to this growing movement? We cannot merely stand by and let this issue rise or fall; the world demands a response. What will it be? Read More

The Geologic Timetable

If you go to a museum and look at fossils, you can be almost certain that they will tell you of millions or billions of years ago when these fossils were made. The evolutionists have constructed what is called the Geologic Timetable. It is displayed in most places as if it were fact, just as a timeline of American history might be displayed at a museum, although in fact it is nothing but a list of geologic strata put together from an evolutionist’s imagination. Wayne Jackson described it well in “The Geologic Timetable,” an article printed in the Gospel Advocate:

“The truth of the matter is, this timetable is nothing more than a graphic conglomeration of assumptions that has been thrown together arbitrarily in an attempt to support the unprovable hypothesis of evolution. The concept of the geologic timetable conflicts with both the biblical record and the evidence of science.”

There are many facts that show the timetable to be incorrect, and here are a few of them:

  • Nowhere does the entire stack of geologic strata occur, and in some places they are out of order!
  • Human footprints have been found in the section of the timetable called the Paleozoic age, 250,000,000 years before people were supposed to have evolved!
  • Evolutionists say that the coal present today was formed in the same age, supposedly two-hundred and fifty million years before people. However, many different man-made objects such as tools and hats have been found embedded in coal.

As you can see, it is ridiculous that one would think that this Geologic Timetable is correct! However, it is a shame to go to museum after museum and see the same timetable displayed. At Palo Duro Canyon State Park, there’s even a big picture of it.

The Age of the Earth

If you look up Earth’s History in your encyclopedia, you will read that the planet you’re standing on is more than 4,500,000,000 years old (that’s four and a half billion, if you don’t care to count the zeros). However, if you think about it, you can’t believe that date if you believe that the Bible is true, because God’s Word sets the date at about 6,000 years ago. If you count up the ages of the different people in the genealogies and do the math, that’s what you’ll come up with. 4,000 years from creation until Christ, and 2,000 years after that brings you to the present date. Here are a few things that show which number is correct:

    • Niagara Falls, before water-diversion projects in the 1950’s, eroded, and was pushed 3 feet upstream every year. If the earth is actually 4陆 billion years old, the falls’ original location would have been 13陆 billion feet upstream. However, this is not possible, considering that the earth is only 132 million feet in circumference!
    • As the Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of M茅xico, it dumps 300,000,000 cubic yards of sediment into the gulf. If the earth is really 4.5 billion years old, the Gulf of M茅xico would have been filled up long ago!

      There are many other examples, and you can learn more about the age of the earth by downloading this PDF file from Apologetics Press.

      Design in Creation

      As you look at a very intricately designed computer, does it ever occur to you that through millions of years, simple electric circuits evolved into flashlights, and those simple flashlights over billions of years evolved into simple calculators, and those in turn changed and eventually over billions of years’ time evolved into the computer you see today? Sound ridiculous? Read the next story!

      As you look at the intricately designed people who are equipped with intelligence like no animal, does it ever occur to you that through millions of years, simple one-cell creatures evolved into fish, and those fish over billions of years evolved into reptiles, and those in turn changed and eventually over billions of years’ time evolved into the people you see today?

      These stories are equally ridiculous. Who ever heard of a flashlight turning into a calculator, or a fish turning into a reptile? Read More